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Supercharge your Cloud Projects. Make your Websites load upto 300% faster just by switching to WiREBD Cloud. WiREBD Cloud's Cutting-edge Infrustructure, Advanced Server Optimization with Global Chaching System work together to make sure that your website loads in no-time!

Try Free for 15 Days!

We offer 15-Days Money-back guarantee, You can test-drive any of our services during this trial period. If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, you can request for a full refund within 15 days. No question will be asked.

15-Day money-back guarantee

Why should you choose us?

We ensure The Best Performance at any given time

We use Google Cloud Platform as our Server Infrustructure. With Google's Intelligent Software and Hardware Optimization, Multi-Gigabit Network Ports and Global Caching System, your website will be faster than ever before. We ensure 99.9% uptime for every website/web app hosted on our platform.

We ensure Corporate Class Security for every Server Cluster

Your website is like your baby and you want to take care of it. We understand that. Your website's security is on us. With WiREBD Cloud, you'll never have to worry about Server Security ever again. With Dedicated Firewall, Free SSL Installation, Scheduled Automatic Backup and alot other Pro-Active Security Practices, we make sure your website is always safe with us.

We have 24/7 Live Support for every customer

We believe, After-Sell Service is the most important aspect of any product. Thus we have an experienced and friendly Support Team for fixing any of the problems you might face while getting started with us. No matter what the problem you are facing, our Support Team is always ready to serve you at any given time.

Choose your desired package to get started

Basic Cloud

Cheapest Cloud Server offering High Performance Shared Hosting. This server is made for Baby Websites. This is the server to choose if your Website is new and doesn't have a lot of Traffic.

Only $25 Per Year

Pro Cloud

Standard Cloud Server offering High Performance Shared Hosting. You can't go wrong with this Server if your website has decent Traffic and you need comparably more Resources.

Only $50 Per Year

Standard VPS

High Performance Linux VPS. This is the best VPS Server that we offer. This is the way to go if you are running a Big Blog Website or a Web App with a huge amount of Users and visitors every single day.

Only $30 Per Month

For more details, take a look at our Pricing Page